Skiing with the Vail Stags

Ski Trip 2000

The Vail Stags is a group of guys originally from the Milwaukee area who have skiied at Vail every year since Vail opened in 1962. One of the original stags skiied again this year.

This page is still under construction. Many pictures are still to be added.

Skiing in the sun!

v00tn01.jpg (2250 bytes)
View from chairlift.

v00tn02.jpg (2428 bytes)
Lunch at Two Elk Lodge.

v00tn03.jpg (2338 bytes)
Paul, Stu and Charlie at Wildwood.

v00tn04.jpg (2383 bytes)
Craig and Stu at Wildwood.

v00tn05.jpg (2175 bytes)
Stu on Hunky Dory.

v00tn06.jpg (2277 bytes)
Craig on Hunky Dory.

v00tn07.jpg (2119 bytes)
Another view.

v00tn08.jpg (2028 bytes)
Stu on Highline.

v00tn09.jpg (2084 bytes)
Stu on Highline.

v00tn10.jpg (2100 bytes)
Stu on Highline.

v00tn11.jpg (2196 bytes)
Craig on Highline.

v00tn12.jpg (1901 bytes)
Craig on Highline. Hard work - no hat.

v00tn13.jpg (2270 bytes)
Anyone remember this run?

gv00tn06.jpg (2746 bytes)
Stu, Charlie, John, Jack, and Paul.

gv00tn07.jpg (2436 bytes)
Stu, Charlie, John, Jack, and Paul.

Party Tuesday Night!

v00tn14.jpg (2245 bytes)
Jim, Charlie, Richard, Jack, Bill, John, Stu, Paul, and John.

v00tn15.jpg (2150 bytes)
Jim, Charlie, Richard, Jack, Bill, John, Stu, Paul, Gard, Craig and John.

gv00tn02.jpg (1848 bytes)
Charlie, Dave, and Edie.

compositet.jpg (3367 bytes)
Maggie and Holly Composite.

gv00tn03.jpg (2154 bytes)
Dave, Amelia and Edie.

More Skiing

v00tn16.jpg (2335 bytes)
Gard on his 81st birthday. John on Left. Mid-Vail.

v00tn17.jpg (1769 bytes)
On route to Two Elks for lunch.

v00tn18.jpg (1764 bytes)
Six groomers coming around the Orient Express lift in the China Bowl.

v00tn19.jpg (2064 bytes)
Stu on silk road in Siberia Bowl. Blue Sky Basin on the left.

v00tn20.jpg (2856 bytes)
Jack and John on Orient Express lift.

v00tn21.jpg (1515 bytes)
Nine groomers heading up Poppyfields.

v00tn22.jpg (2650 bytes)
Lunch at Two Elks.
John, Gard, Paul, Jim, Dave, Charlie, Jack, and Stu.

It begins to snow!

v00tn23.jpg (2167 bytes)
Stu, Bill and John.

v00tn24.jpg (1622 bytes)
Stu in the powder.

v00tn25.jpg (2040 bytes)
Stu in front of cats by Two Elks.

Party Thursday Night!

v00tn26.jpg (2905 bytes)
John, Jack, Bill, and Sue.

v00tn27.jpg (2081 bytes)
Stu and John.

v00tn28.jpg (2634 bytes)
Edie, Charlie and Dave.

v00tn29.jpg (2838 bytes)
Wendy, Bill and Sue.

Thick Heavy Powder!

v00tn30.jpg (2085 bytes)
Stu on Choker Cut Off.

v00tn31.jpg (2386 bytes)
Taking the Highline Lift.

v00tn32.jpg (1883 bytes)
Northwoods Express Lift.

v00tn33.jpg (2612 bytes)
Stu on lift.

v00tn34.jpg (1666 bytes)
Stu and John in Game Creek Bowl.

v00tn36.jpg (1848 bytes)

v00tn37.jpg (2188 bytes)


v00tn38.jpg (1951 bytes)
Hills opposite Vail.

v00tn35.jpg (2049 bytes)
View from Hobart House.

v00tn39.jpg (2337 bytes)
John, Stu and John.
Lunch on way to airport.

A thank you to Gard for providing some of the pictures.


Last Update: March 7, 2000.

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