Utah 98 Ski Trip



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Stuart at Deer Valley.

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John, Charlie, Gard and Stuart at Deer Valley.

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Craig and Stuart at Deer Valley.

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John, Charlie, Gard, Stuart and Craig at Deer Valley

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Gard and Stuart.

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View at Deer Valley.

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Mountains #1.

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The Bowls at Park City.

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Stuart Skiing.

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View at Park City.

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Stuart on the chair at Park City.

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View from hotel window.

Lunch at the "Snow Hut", Park City.

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Craig, John, Helen, Stuart, Don and Charlie.

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Helen, Gard, Stuart, Don and Charlie.

Apres Ski

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Gary, John, Don, Cathy, Jim, Gard, Gwen, Charlie, and Stuart.

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Helen and Gwen

u98prtbt.jpg (2425 bytes)
John and Gary.

u98prtct.jpg (2265 bytes)
Cathy and Anna.


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