Unknown PEI Photographs

This page contains old family photographs from PEI. Unfortunately I don't know who the people are, although in some cases I can make a good guess.

The pictures came from the house of Sadie (Sarah) Buchanan, who lived in Stanchel, PEI. The partially identified pictures are of Stuarts and Buchanans. They were taken in PEI, MA and Quebec. Sadie lived in her parent's house. Her parents were Captain Samuel Buchanan and Catharine Stuart. The family group sheet appears here.

Everything known about the pictures appears in each picture's description. Click on the thumbnail images below to view a larger version of each image. If you think you may have identified anyone, or know how the photographs may be identified, please send an email to buchananc@acm.org . Thank you for looking.

Picture 1.
hilda01tn.jpg (7404 bytes)
Labelled: M. C. Stuart
Picture 2.
hilda02tn.jpg (9571 bytes)
From "Wilson, West End Studio, 398 Highland Ave, Malden, Mass".
Picture 3.
hilda03tn.jpg (7837 bytes)
Labelled: Louise Stuart. Sadie's uncle Hector's girl.
(Same woman as Picture 11.)
From "Lhory?, 40 Market Street. Lynn, Mass".
Picture 4.
hilda04tn.jpg (8483 bytes)
Corner reads: H. C. Boag, Fallowfield.
Picture 5.
hilda05tn.jpg (7257 bytes)
From "J. G. Parks, 2264 St. Catherine Street, Montreal, P.Q".
Picture 6.
hilda06btn.jpg (10781 bytes)
From "W. H. Spinks, 461, 463, 465 Dundas St., Woodstock".
Picture 7.
hilda07tn.jpg (6918 bytes)
Labelled: Mrs. Malcolm Stewart, Farnham.
From "Warren, ?20 TemplePlace, Boston".
Picture 8.
hilda08tn.jpg (9706 bytes)
From "Hardy, No. 493, Washington Street, Artist Photographer, Boston, Mass".
Picture 9.
hilda09tn.jpg (11755 bytes)
(Sadie Buchanan?)
Picture 11.
hilda11tn.jpg (8174 bytes)
(Same woman as picture 3.)
Picture 12.
hilda12tn.jpg (9244 bytes)
(Sadie, a niece and a dog?)
Picture 13.
hilda13tn.jpg (8201 bytes)
Marked "Honest, Long Cut".

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