David W. Wilson - Harriet Marguerite Dexter

Husband: David W. Wilson (AFN: STQ7-1X)
Born: 1873 Place: Antigonish, NS
Occupation: 1908 [GCL]
~ 1950
Manager of the Dominion Cotton Mill, Windsor, NS [GCL]
Payroll Auditor, General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, Detriot, MI
Wife: Harriet Marguerite (Margaret) Dexter (AFN: STQ7-24)
Born: 22-Feb-1877 Place: Antigonish, Antigonish, NS
Parent Family: William Collingwood Dexter - Harriet Agnes Fisher
Married: David W. Wilson - Harriet Marguerite Dexter
Date: 1908 [DD] Place: Windsor, NS [DD]
Child 1:
John Elmer Wilson [GCL] (AFN: 16MZ-T3B)
Born: 20-Oct-1910 [GCL] Place:  
Families: John Elmer Wilson - Unknown Unknown
Child 2:
David Eric Wilson [GCL] (AFN: 16MZ-T4J)
Born: 12-Jan-1912 [GCL] Place:  
Died: 23-Feb-1990 [SPC-1] Place:  
Families: David Eric Wilson - Kathryn Unknown


1. Address in the 1950s: 14800 Ashton Road, Rosedale Park, Detroit 23, Michigan.

2. Wedding in newspaper:
Wilson Dexter.
A fashionable wedding took place on Wednesday afternoon when Miss Margaret H. Dexter was united in the holy bonds of matrimony with Mr. David W. Wilson, Manager of the Dominion Cotton Mill here.
The marriage was solemnized in St. John's Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. W. M. Crawford, with full choral service. The church was beautifully decorated with masses of white clematis, wax berries, foliage and potted plants. The seats for the guests were marked off by white satin ribbons.
The bride was given away by her cousin, Mr. J. W. Blanchard. She was exquisitely gowned in ivory satin made en train Empire style, and trimmed with Irish lace. A coronet of orange blossoms was becomingly arranged under the long tulle veil which fell in long graceful folds to the edge of the train. The shower boquet was of lilies of the valley, pink bridal roses and maiden hair fern. As she entered the church on the arm of her cousin, and moved up the aisle toward the altar, admiring glances followed, and many whispered comments were heard expressing admiration. It can, with truth, he said that she made a charming picture of bridal loveliness.
The bridesmaid, Miss Ethel Christie, was prettily dressed in white silk mull over pink. She carried a boquet of pink bride roses and ferns, and wore a lovely amethyst necklace, the gift of the groom. Her hat a Reynolds, one of the newest autumn styles, was made of white ottoman silk with pink satin facing. A garland of cassowary feathers with touches of gold and black completed a charming creatino in picture hats.
At three o'clock the bridal party entered the church and joined the groom who was waiting in fornt of the alter supported by Mr. H. W. Binning, Manager of the Nova Scotia Bank, while the choir sang "The Voice that Breathed o'er Eden." Mrs. F. F. Murphy presided at the organ.
After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of Mrs. Blanchard, where the bride and groom were the centre of attraction, receiving many congratulations, both being exceedingly popular. The guests present form outside of Windsor were, Mrs. Frank Lawrence (Mrs. Harold Laurence [CSB]), Charlottetown, only sister of the bride, Mrs. White, Miss Beatrice Blanchard, Mrs. Victor Smith, and the Misses Dodwell, Halifax.
The bride was the recipient of a large number of ornamental and valuable presents, including cheques, bronze pieces, cut glass, silver, fancy work and pieces of furniture, pictures, etc.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson left on the afternoon express for Halifax. The bride's going-away dress was a very handsome tailored, brown broadcloth wuit made princess style, the coat was trimmed with satin covered buttons and braid with guimpe of lace, the hat was of the same shade of brown trimmed with shaded coral plumes. A large number of the guest accompanied the happy couple to the train, and they departed amidst showers of torpedos, confetti and rice.
They will make an extended trip, and on their return they will reside on Park street. [GCL]

Notes on John Elmer Wilson:

1. Address in the 1950s: #9-839 S. Grauiercy Pl., Los Angeles (5), California.


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