William Wetherby - Flora Buchanan

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Husband: William Wetherby [BB]
Born:   Place:  
Wife: Flora Buchanan [BB]
Born:   Place:  
Married: William Wetherby - Flora Buchanan
Date: 24-Aug-1853 [MNI2] Place: PEI [MNI2]
Child 1:
Christina Ann (Tina) Wetherby [BB][1891]
Born: 1-Feb-1866 [SJB]
~ 1868 [1891]
Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
PEI [1891]
Families: Murdoch A. Buchanan - Christina Ann Wetherby
Child 2:
Mary Ann Wetherby [BB]
Born:   Place:  
Families: John Docherty - Mary Ann Wetherby
Child 3:
John Thomas Wetherby [BB][SJB]
Born: 15-Aug-1859 [SJB] Place: Surry, PEI [SJB]
Baptised: Aug-1860 [SJB] Place: St. John's, Belfast, PEI [SJB]
Child 4:
Malcolm James Wetherby [BB][SJB]
Born: 29-Nov-1861 [SJB] Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
Child 5:
William Henry Wetherby [BB][SJB]
Born: 1-Jul-1868 [SJB] Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
Child 6:
George David Wetherby [BB][SJB]
Born: 1-Jun-1872 [SJB] Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
Child 7:
Sarah Ann Wetherby [BB][SJB]
Born: 25-Dec-1865 [SJB] Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
Families: Ronald MacLellan - Sarah Ann Wetherby


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