Charles Stewart - Mary MacMillan

Husband: Charles Stewart [GS][WJHS]
Born: 1760 [WJHS]
~ 1760 [CEM-1]
Place: Sconser, Isle of Skye, Scotland [WJHS]
Isle of Skye, Scotland [CEM-1]
Died: 27-Sep-1850 [CEM-1] Place:  
Buried:   Place: 58/1/920
Parent Family: Peter Stewart - Unknown Unknown
Other Families: Charles Stewart - Catharine Morrison
Wife: Mary MacMillan [GS]
Born:   Place:  
Child 1:
Ronald Stewart [IWS][WJHS]
Born: < 1800 [GS]
Place: Parish of Portree, Isle of Skye [GS]
Died: ~ 8-Jan-1877 [GS] Place: Anderson Rd, Lot 67 [GS]
Families: Ronald Stewart - Catherine MacKay
Child 2:
Malcolm Angus Stewart [WJHS]
Born: ~ 1808 [WJHS][WJHS] Place: PEI [WJHS][WJHS]
Died: 10-May-1901 [WJHS] Place: Belfast, PEI [WJHS]
Families: Malcolm Angus Stewart - Mary McPherson
Child 3:
Christine Catherine Stewart [WJHS]
Born:   Place: Scotland [WJHS]
Child 4:
Mary Stewart [WJHS]
Born:   Place: Scotland [WJHS]


1. Catharine Morrison and Mary MacMillan are the same person, just two different sources.

Notes on Ronald Stewart:

1. Ronald and Catharine were Gaelic speaking and had a farmstead. [HMS]

2. Ronald Stuart was dark haired and had, according to Auntie Katie, navy blue eyes. Ronald was blind in one eye which was meant to have been caused by his mother being tipped out of a carriage when pregnant - in other words he had a lazy eye like Harriet, which because it was not corrected became useless - Oh these genes - my granddaughter Genya had that sliding eye. [HS]

3. Auntie Katie told me that Catherine Stuart was able to spin and weave her own blankets, so it was vey much a working farm. It should be easy to trace where the farm was, as it was still in Mary Stuart's hands when she died (1930s? IWS). Dad went and saw it, I remember him telling me that it was a 'humble place', not the rolling acres of South Fork, in Auntie Katie's imagination. I expect it was very rundown as Great Aunt Mary was trying to run it on her own, with some help from Sadie (Sarah) Buchanan and Mamie (Mary) Buchanan. Buchanans must figure in the Island's records as they were living there in the 1930s so the location of the farm could be found. [HS]

4. Bill says originally the family settled at Belle River near a place called Stuart Point on the south coast. When Ronald Stuart married Catharine MacKay they moved to Breadalbane, a much more lush farming area in the centre of PEI and there Grandpa Stuart was born - Strathablyn?) [IWS]


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