Harry K. Snider - Margaret Ann Buchanan

Husband: Harry K. Snider [SS]
Born:   Place:  
Parent Family: Ward Chipman Snider - Ruth Burnham
Wife: Margaret Ann (Maggie) Buchanan [BB][SS][1881][1891][SJB]
Born: 23-Feb-1872 [SJB]
~ 1872 [1881]
23-Jan-1872 [SS]
~ 1873 [1891]
7-Feb-1874 [CEM]
Place: Point Prim, PEI [SJB]
PEI [1881]
PEI [1891]
Baptised:   Place: St. John's, Belfast, PEI [SJB]
Died: 4-Jul-1966 [SS] Place:  
Buried:   Place: Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB [SS]
Parent Family: Allan Buchanan - Isabelle McLeod
Married: Harry K. Snider - Margaret Ann Buchanan
Date: 4-Jun-1899 [SS]
7-Jun-1899 [SS]
Child 1:
Isabelle M\B Snider [SS]
Born: 30-Jun-1900 [SS] Place:  
Died: 18-Dec-1970 [SS] Place:  
Child 2:
Ward Chipman Snider [SS]
Born: 5-Oct-1902 [SS] Place: Boistown, MA [SS]
Died: 27-Feb-1985 [SS] Place:  
Families: Ward Chipman Snider - Greta Agnes Douthwright
Child 3:
Irena Snider [SS]
Born: 15-Oct-1903 [SS] Place: USA [SS]
Died: 2-Jul-1916 [SS] Place:  
Child 4:
Edward Allen Snider [SS]
Born: 8-Jan-1906 [SS] Place:  
Died: 20-Dec-1971 [SS] Place:  

Notes on Ward Chipman Snider:

1. Shelly's grandfather. [SS]


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