Isaac McLeod - Euphenia (Euphemia) Todd Laurence

Husband: Isaac McLeod
Born: ~ 1821 Place: At. Anns, Victoria, NS
1881 [HIC]
Taught School, Hillsborough [HIC]
Business, Broad Cove Shore & Broad Cove Intervale [HIC]
Post Master (Str2) [1881]
Wife: Euphenia (Euphemia) Todd Laurence
Born: 5-Aug-1820 [IGI][MPR] Place: Melrose, Rox, Scotland [IGI][MPR]
Baptised: 27-Aug-1820 [IGI][MPR] Place: Melrose, Rox, Scotland [IGI][MPR]
Parent Family: George Craigie (I) Laurence - Helen Turnbull
Married: Isaac McLeod - Euphenia (Euphemia) Todd Laurence
Date:   Place: Port Hood, NS
Child 1:
Clement H. McLeod [HIC]
Born:   Place:  
Occupation:   McGill University [HIC]
Child 2:
George D. McLeod
Born:   Place:  
Child 3:
Helen McLeod [HIC]
Born:   Place:  
Died:   Place: Boston [HIC]
Families: Donald E. MacKay - Helen McLeod
Child 4:
Jemina McLeod [HIC]
Born:   Place:  
Families: John C. MacDougall - Jemina McLeod
Child 5:
Euphemia McLeod [HIC]
Born:   Place:  
Families: Henry Ladd - Euphemia McLeod
Child 6:
Willie Laurence McLeod [1881]
Born: ~ 1866 [1881] Place:  


1. Married on Wednesday the 8th. [NP]

2. Willie Lawrence was living in the house in 1881. [1881]


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