Donald McLeod - Mary Buchanan

ID #470, BB #136?

Husband: Donald McLeod [SJB][BB]
Born: 18-Jun-1815 [AC][1901][1881][1891][1901]
1815 [AC]
Place: PEI [AC][1901][1881][1891][1901]
Died: 28-Mar-1907 [AC] Place:  
Wife: Mary Buchanan [SJB][BB]
Born: 20-Aug-1816 [AC][1901][1881][1891][1901]
1817 [AC]
Place: PEI [AC][1901][1881][1891][1901]
Died: 7-Sep-1907 [AC] Place:  
Married: Donald McLeod - Mary Buchanan
Date: 21-Dec-1843 [AC] Place: Belfast, Lot 57, PEI [AC]
Child 1:
Donald McLeod [SJB]
Born: 6-Jan-1845 [SJB] Place: Glasvein, PEI [SJB]
Baptised: 18-Apr-1847 [SJB] Place: St. Johns, Belfast, Queens, PEI [SJB]
Child 2:
Murdoch McLeod [SJB][BB]
Born: 8-May-1846 [SJB] Place: Glasvein, PEI [SJB]
Baptised: 25-Apr-1847 [SJB] Place: St. Johns, Belfast, Queens, PEI [SJB]
Died: 13-Sep-1920 [HMPM] Place:  
Buried:   Place: Belfast Cemetery, PEI 58/1 [HMPM]
Families: Murdoch McLeod - Christy MacPhee
Child 3:
Janet (Jennet) McLeod [BB][SJB]
Born: 8-May-1848 [SJB] Place: Glasvein, PEI [SJB]
Baptised: 18-Sep-1849 [SJB] Place: St. Johns, Belfast, Queens, PEI [SJB]
Families: John McLeod - Janet McLeod
Child 4:
Mary McLeod [AC][BB][SJB]
Born: 20-May-1851 [SJB]
7-May-1850 [1901][1901]
23-May-1850 [HMPM]
1851 [AC]
Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
Child 5:
Betsy McLeod [AC][BB][SJB]
Born: 2-Jul-1853 [SJB]
4-Jul-1853 [HMPM]
1854 [AC]
Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
Baptised: 10-Sep-1854 [HMPM][SJB] Place: St. John's, Belfast, PEI [HMPM][SJB]
Child 6:
Reverend John McLeod [AC][BB][SJB]
Born: 2-Jul-1856 [SJB]
2-Jul-1855 [AC]
Place: Surrey, PEI [SJB]
Baptised:   Place: St. John's, Belfast, PEI [SJB]
Died: 19-Sep-1900 [AC] Place: Vankleek Hill, Ont [AC]
Families: John McLeod - Malvina Ross
Child 7:
George McLeod [AC]
Born: 4-Jun-1857 [AC][SJB] Place: Pinette, PEI [AC][SJB]
Baptised: 5-Oct-1857 [SJB] Place: St. John's, Belfast, PEI [SJB]
Died: 13-May-1883 [HMPM] Place:  


1. Mary spoke little English. [AC]

2. Previously: Lived at Glasvein in the [SJB]. 1880 Atlas shows them on Colville Rd, accross from "Heirs of Duncan Buchanan", "Hiers of Archibald Buchanan" , Murdoch Buchanan and a little ways from Donald Buchanan. [AC]

3. Updated: The Donald MacLeod across from "Heirs of Duncan Buchanan" is a different branch of the MacLeods, Donald and Mary lived further west along the Colville Road, North Side. They seem to be mixed up pretty closely with the Buchanans in Surrey and Mary may well be related to them. [AC]

Notes on Donald McLeod:

1. Died at 92. [AC]

Notes on Mary Buchanan:

1. Died at 90. [AC]

Notes on Janet McLeod:

1. Known as Jennet. [BB] [HMB]

2. Appears as Jessie in [1901].

Notes on Mary McLeod:

1. Unmarried in [1901].


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