Finlay MacMillan - Amelia Hall

Husband: Dr. Finlay MacMillan [DMT]
Born: 25-Dec-1842 [DMT]
Place: Little Harbour, N.S. [DMT]
Pictou County, N.S.
Died: ~ 1933 [DMT] Place: Sheet Harbour, N.S. [DMT]
Parent Family: Donald (3) MacMillan - Isabella Cameron
Wife: Amelia (Sis) Hall [SH]
Born: ~ 1850 [DMN] Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [DMN]
Died: 16-May-1938 [SH] Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [SH]
Parent Family: William (Jr.) Hall - Sarah M. Behie
Married: Finlay MacMillan - Amelia Hall
Date: ~ 1880 [DMT] Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [DMT]
Child 1:
Mabel (May) MacMillan [DMN]
Born:   Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [DMN]
Died:   Place: Portland, Oregon [DMN]
Families: Howard Colbourne - Mabel MacMillan
Child 2:
Earl MacMillan [DMN]
Born:   Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [DMN]
Child 3:
Mynn (Minnie) MacMillan [DMN]
Born:   Place:  
Child 4:
William MacMillan [DMN]
Born:   Place:  
Child 5:
Sadie MacMillan [DMN]
Born:   Place:  
Child 6:
Neil MacMillan [DMN]
Born:   Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [DMN]
Died:   Place: Portland, Oregon [DMN]
Families: Neil MacMillan - Hazel Provost
Child 7:
Carrie MacMillan [DMN]
Born:   Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [DMN]
Died:   Place: Portland, Oregon [DMN]
Families: Roy Flack - Carrie MacMillan
Child 8:
Jennie Belle MacMillan (BFH: 137.1)
Born: 16-Jan-1882 Place: Sheet Harbour, NS
Died: 6-Mar-1976 Place: Halifax, NS
Families: Ernest Herbert Blois - Jennie Belle MacMillan


1. Original MacMillans came from Scotland destined for U.S. but ended up in Nova Scotia because of the war.

2. Macmilliams settled in Boston and came north in 1776 in Defense of the King.

3. Finlay was a doctor. A small man with a moustache. His wife was known as "Sis". Lived in Sheet Harbour, NS. Canada. Finlay graduated in 1872 with the 1st class in Medicine from Dalhousie University. He was presented with a gold walking cane from Dalhousie after 50 years of practice. He made house calls via house and buggy. (He was alergic to the horse.)

4. Robert Blois wrote in a letter of April 2, 1993 to Patricia Laurence:

"The clan MacMillan came to Boston in a new brig destined for Virginia. The brig sailed from Urquhart, Inverness Scotland and at that time there was no talk of war between England and the American colonies. When the brig arrived off Boston it was captured by a British privateer and the men were given the choice of joining the British army or being taken prisoners. They joined the British army. Finlay's grandfather was too young to fight so he remained in Boston until after the war.

Finlay's family left Boston and came to Windsor, N.S. and walked from Windsor through the woods to Pictou County. They were "nearly devoured" by misquitoes. In Windsor they met the farmer famous MacDonald noted Highland heroine (Prince Charles' Flora).

Finlay married Amelia Hall of Sheet Harbor and practiced medicine in Sunny Brae Pictou Co. and then in Sheet Harbor until he reached 81 years of age. Finlay was a member of the first class in Medicine at Dalhousie and at one time was the oldest living graduate of that class. Dalhousie honoured him by giving him an Honorary degree and gold headed cane. My mother had this cane for years and I believe Mac gave it to our first cousin Donald Macmillan son of Earl MacMillan a brother of my mother. Earl died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 90. His widow Edna is still living. Finlay had eight children, 3 boys and 5 girls: William, Sadie, Mabel, Jennie Bell, Neil (died in Portland Oregon), Carrie, Minnie, Earl.

About fifteen years ago I visited my Aunt Mabel and my Aunt Carrie who lived in Portland Ore and my Aunt Minnie who lived in Victoria, B.C. Aunt Mabel lived to age 105! I actually spoke to her on her 105th birthdaty by telephone!

Finlay taught school in Glengarry N.S. at age 16. He then went to Truro where he obtained his "A" teacher's licence. By teaching he earned enough money to enable him to come to Dalhousie and then settled in Sheet Harbor Dec. 7, 1878.

The above info was obtained from some notes my mother made from two letters Finlay had written."

Notes on Amelia Hall:

1. Also written Emilia.

2. Emilia Hall had a sister named Janet Pearson Hall. She was a nurse in a North Carolina? city prior to 1914. She was sent to France (later Germany) during the war (December 1917) with the American Expeditionary forces. She met Walter Downs, an american soldier who was hospitalized after exposure to noxious gas. She married Walter. Walter was a lawyer and they lived in Hartford, Connecticut. Janet Patricia Laurence's antique bed was willed to her by Janet Pearson Hall. It had been in the Hall family.

3. Emilia had a sister Janet Pearson Hall. Janet Laurence was named after Janet Hall.

4. Sheet Harbour - A Local History By James E. Rutledge, pg.47 (1954).
"Amelia became the wife of the "beloved physician", Finlay MacMillan, who lived to the age of 90, practised up to his last year of life, was signally honored by his profession on his sixtieth year of practice and died in 1932 mourned by the whole community he had served for more than 60 years. He and Dr. John Gourlay, who came from Colchester County, long were the two physicians to the people of the villages." [SH-1]

5. Sheet Harbour - A Local History By James E. Rutledge, pg.81 (1954).
"Mrs. Finlay MacMillan was for sixty years a soloist in this church. She died on May 16, 1938, aged 82. Her husband, Dr. MacMillan, had been for many years the Church Clerk of the Session. The Reverend Richard Logan became the pastor in 1880, succeeding Rev. A. B. Dickie. The Sheet Harbour elders then were John Hall, Thos. and Wm. Robinson (Robertson), J. Scott Holman, Wm. MacKiel, Dr. Finlay MacMillan and Angus Cruickshanks." [SH-1]

Notes on Mabel MacMillan:

1. May was the eldest daughter. She lived in Oregon. Her daughter Grace went to the University of Oregon.

Notes on Earl MacMillan:

1. Earl was the youngest child.

Notes on Mynn MacMillan:

1. Mynn looked after Bloises when Jenny had T.B. Her youngest girl came to Judith's wedding. Married a naval officer and had two children, a boy and a girl.

Notes on Jennie Belle MacMillan:

1. Jenny Belle lived in Sheet Harbour N.S. Canada. She died at 94. Lived in New York for 3 years before marriage. Was engaged to Rowe? but returned and married? Had 8 siblings, one died as a baby. Has sisters in Oregon and British Columbia. Was a nurse at Belleview Hospital. [EB]

2. Jennie Belle Macmillan appears here.


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