William Henry Laurence - Agnes Smith

Husband: William Henry Laurence
Born:   Place: Port Hood, NS
Parent Family: George Craigie (I) Laurence - Helen Turnbull
Wife: Agnes Smith [CAU]
Born:   Place:  
Child 1:
Mariner Smith Laurence [CAU]
Born: 16-Jan-1863 [CAU] Place: Mabou, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia [CAU]
Died: 26-Oct-1925 [CAU] Place: Franklin, NH [CAU]
Place: Wakefield, MA [CAU]
The marker.
Residence:   Place: New Hampton, NH [CAU]
Families: Mariner Smith Laurence - Lillian Weston
Child 2:
Annie Laurence [CAU]
Born:   Place: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia [CAU]
Child 3:
William D. (Willie) Laurence [RM][CAU]
Born: ~ 1869 [RM][CAU] Place: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia [RM][CAU]
Died: ~ 1937 [RM] Place:  
Families: William D. Laurence - Sarah MacKinnon


1. Emigrated to MA in 1871 or 1873. [CAU]

2. Had at least 3 children. [CAU]

Notes on Mariner Smith Laurence:

1. Christina has a letter from Cousin George to Mariner informing him that Willie is near death and had been taken to hospital in Halifax. It also refers to Willie's daughter Eunice Lawrence of Inverness. [CAU]

2. Mariner Smith Lawrence appears here.

Notes on William D. Laurence:

1. Willie either never left Cape Breton or returned from MA. [CAU]


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