George C. (II) Laurence - Sarah Agusta Hadley

Husband: George C. (II) Laurence
Born: 28-Dec-1836
28-Dec-1835 [PHHS-1]
~ 1839 [1891]
Place: Port Hood, Inverness, Cape Breton, NS
Port Hood, Inverness, Cape Breton, NS [PHHS-1]
Port Hood, Inverness, Cape Breton, NS [1891]
Died: 5-Nov-1913 Place: Port Hastings, NS
Place: Clough Cemetery, Port Hastings, NS
The marker.
Place: Port Hartings, NS
Occupation: 1891
Inspector of Weights and Measures for Cape Breton NS
Ticket Agent, Merchant (Pha1) [1891]
Parent Family: George Craigie (I) Laurence - Helen Turnbull
Wife: Sarah Agusta Hadley [GBH]
Born: 21-Mar-1840 [GBH]
1830 [PHHS-1]
~ 1843 [1891]
Place: George Town, Kings, PEI [GBH]
Died: 6-Jul-1929
26-Jul-1929 [PHM]
Place: Port Hastings, NS
Port Hastings, NS [PHM]
Place: Clough Cemetery, Port Hastings, NS
The marker.
Parent Family: James Beck Hadley - Sarah Brown
Married: George C. (II) Laurence - Sarah Agusta Hadley
Date: 25-Dec-1866 Place: Port Mulgrave, Guysborough, NS
Child 1:
Claudia Louise Laurence
Born: 7-Oct-1867 [PHM] Place:  
Died: 19-May-1868 [PHM]
19-Apr-1868 [CEM-1]
Place: Port Hood, NS [PHM]
Port Hood, NS [CEM-1]
Buried:   Place: Port Hood Cemetery, Port Hood NS
Child 2:
Helena Gertrude Laurence
Born: Aug-1869 Place:  
Died: 22-Jan-1877 Place: Port Hastings, NS
Place: Clough Cemetery, Port Hastings, NS
The marker.
Child 3:
Ema Tremaine Laurence
Born: 7-Aug-1872 [PHM]
~ 1872 [VRNA][1891]
Place: Port Hood, Inverness, Cape Breton, NS [PHM]
Port Hood, Inverness, Cape Breton, NS [VRNA][1891]
Died: 2-Jul-1934 [PHM] Place:  
Families: George C. Mackay - Ema Tremaine Laurence
Morley Dewolfe Hemmeon - Ema Tremaine Laurence
Child 4:
Aubrey Laurence
Born: 1-Dec-1874 [PHM]
~ 1875 [1891]
Died: 18-Jul-1959 Place:  
Accountant for railroad contractor Angus Sinclair. [PHM]
Ticket Agent (PHa1) [1891]
Families: Aubrey Laurence - Mary Ann Forbes
Child 5:
Harold Forbes Laurence (AFN: STQ7-39)
Born: 10-Sep-1877 [GCL] Place: Port Hastings, NS [GCL]
Baptised: 25-Jan-1878 [GCL] Place: St. Davids United Church, Port Hastings [GCL]
Died: 11-Apr-1954 Place: Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, NS
Buried: 13-Apr-1954 Place: Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, NS
Occupation: 1919
1891 [1891]
District Highway Engineer. Picture.
Ticket Agent [1891]
Families: Harold Forbes Laurence - Florence Elizabeth Dexter
Child 6:
Ethel Blanche Laurence
Born: 1879 [PHM]
~ 1880 [1891]
Died: 1959 [PHM] Place:  
Families: William Gordon Forbes - Ethel Blanche Laurence


1. George and Sarah lived in Port Hastings, NS. Their house and offices appear

Notes on George C. (II) Laurence:

1. George C. Laurence sold 16 acres of land and the building on it to Henry A. Forbes for $140 on November 8, 1875.
The deed reads as follows:

George C. Laurence
Henry A. Forbes

Recorded January 29, 1876.

Dated Nov. 8, 1875 between George C. Laurence of Port Hastings, County of Inverness, Merchant and Sara A. Laurence his wife, and Henry A. Forbes of same place, Bookkeeper, for the sum of one hundred and forty dollars of lawful money of Nova Scotia.

Description of Land.
Lying and being in Port Hastings described as follows: By lands on the Southeast by lands of Lauchlin McKinnon; on the Southwest by waters of the Strait of Canso; on the Northwest by lands of Rev. W.G. Forbes and on the Northeast by the General Read Line of the first concession of lots and containing sixteen acres more or less together with all and singular the houses, buildings, ways watercrosses, easerments and privileges.

Sealed in the presence of Allan McIntosh
George C. Laurence
Sara A. Laurence"

Notes on Claudia Louise Laurence:

1. The Grave Marker for Claudia in Port Hood cemetery reads: Claudua Louiese / Aged 7 Months / Daughter of Sara & / Geo C. Laurence / April 19th, 1868. [CEM]

Notes on Helena Gertrude Laurence:

1. Named Heleni in [PHM].

2. Helana Gertrude died Jan. 22, 1877, aged 7 yr and 4 months. [PHHS]

Notes on Aubrey Laurence:

1. Aubrey Laurence lived at 660 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ont. in 1951. [PS]

Notes on Harold Forbes Laurence:

1. Harold Laurence lived at 8 Studley Avenue, Halifax, N.S. in 1951. [PS]

2. Harold was from Cape Breton. Had a degree in Cival Engineering. Worked as a highway engineer.

3. Harold's Obituary:
Harold F. Laurence
The death occurred at the Victoria General Hospital, Sunday, of Harold Forbes Laurence, 8 Studley Avenue. He was 76.
Born in Port Hastings, he had resided in Halifax for over 30 years. He was employed with the Nova Scotia Department of Highways for 34 years before his retirement in 1951. He was a member of the Engineers Institute of Canada.
Surviving are his wife, the former Florence Ethel Dexter of Antigonish, one son George C., Deep River, Ont.; a brother, Aubrey, Toronto; one sister, Mrs. William Forbes, Port Hastings; also two granddaughters.
Remains are resting at the Halifax Funeral Funeral Home, 184 Quinpool Road. Funeral Services will be held Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. from the Halifax Funeral Home. Rev. W.C. Anderson officiating. Interment will be in Camp Hill cemetery.

Notes on Ethel Blanche Laurence:

1. Mrs William G. Forbes lived in Port Hastings, N.S. in 1951. [PS]


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