George Laurence - Annie M. Skinner

Husband: George Laurence []
Born: ~ 1872 [MR][-1]
~ 1874 [1881][1891][-1]
Place: Margaree, NS [MR][-1]
Residence: 28-Nov-1900 [MR][] Place: 22 Judsen St, Malden, MA [MR][]
Occupation: 1891 [1891][-1]
28-Nov-1900 [MR][-1]
Teacher, Public School (Cht2) [1891][-1]
Soap Maker [MR][-1]
Parent Family: James G. Laurence - Emeline Thompson
Wife: Annie M. Skinner [MR][]
Born: ~ 1871 [MR][-1] Place: Port Hastings, NS [MR][-1]
Residence: 28-Nov-1900 [PA][] Place: 42 Norway St, Boston, NS [PA][]
Occupation: 28-Nov-1900 [MR][-1] Shoe Vamper [MR][-1]
Parent Family: Hugh Skinner - Jeanette Cameron
Married: George Laurence - Annie M. Skinner
Date: 28-Nov-1900 [] Place: Boston, MA []


1. Marriage was performed by A.D. MacKinnon, Minister of the Gospel, 122 W. Concord St., Boston.

Notes on George Laurence:

1. Believed to be the George Laurence who corresponded with Mariner Laurence. [CAU]


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