Johann Klug - Barbara Storck

Husband: Johann Klug [KFH] (KFH: 22)
Born:   Place:  
Died: 1883 [KFH] Place: Germany [KFH]
Parent Family: Johann Adam Klug - Katherina Mueller
Other Families: Johann Klug - Barbara Keilhauer
Wife: Barbara Storck [KFH]
Born: 1838 [KFH] Place: Germany [KFH]
Died: Jan-1898 [KFH] Place: Caledonia, MN [KFH]
Buried:   Place: Hubert Esch Plot, Caledonia, MN
Married: Johann Klug - Barbara Storck
Date: 1861 [KFH] Place: Germany [KFH]
Child 1:
Ludwig (Louis) Klug [KFH] (KFH: 38)
Born: 1865 [KFH] Place: Wetzelberg, R, West Germany [KFH]
Died: 20-Jan-1924 [KFH] Place:  
Families: Ludwig Klug - Anna Probst
Child 2:
John Michel Klug [KFH] (KFH: 37)
Born:   Place:  
Child 3:
Teckla Klug [KFH] (KFH: 39)
Born:   Place:  
Child 4:
Reinhard Klug [KFH] (KFH: 40)
Born:   Place:  


1. Johann Klug second marriage was to Barbara Storck in 1861 in Germany. Descendants of John Klug (Johann' s son in second marriage) said that Johann's second wife's name was Karolina Pregencer. Julia Schwind said that Elizabeth Gallaway told her that. Elizabeth said she had a prayer book given to her by her father which listed Karoline Pregencer's name in it. (Who is Karoline Pregnencer?) [KFH]

Notes on Barbara Storck:

1. Barbara Storck was born in 1838 in Germany. Christened. Barbara came to "this country" in 1884 sometime after the death of her husband. Died in Jan 1898 in Caledonia, MN. USA. Buried in Caledonia, MN. (Hubert Esch plot). Emigrated to the US in 1884 - with children - probably 3 of them as John Michael had preceded them. Teckla's obit states that she was 13 years old when she emigrated with her parent, which would have been about 1882. [KFH]


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