Ludwig Klug - Anna Probst

Husband: Ludwig (Louis) Klug [KFH] (KFH: 38)
Born: 1865 [KFH] Place: Wetzelberg, R, West Germany [KFH]
Died: 20-Jan-1924 [KFH] Place:  
Parent Family: Johann Klug - Barbara Storck
Wife: Anna Probst [KFH]
Born: 1867 [KFH] Place: Landshut, B, West Germany [KFH]
Died: 1958 [KFH] Place:  
Parent Family: Unknown Probst - Anna Marie Devel
Child 1:
George Klug [KFH] (KFH: 94)
Born:   Place: USA
Families: George Klug - Anna Kronenberger
Child 2:
Joe Klug [KFH] (KFH: 95)
Born:   Place: USA
Families: Joe Klug - Clara Brehr
Child 3:
Herman Klug [KFH] (KFH: 96)
Born:   Place: Humboldt, Sask
Died:   Place: California
Families: Herman Klug - Alice Winklebauer
Child 4:
Susie Klug [KFH] (KFH: 90)
Born: 1892 [KFH] Place: USA [KFH]
Families: Frank Bond - Susie Klug
Martinfisch - Susie Klug
Child 5:
Elizabeth Klug [KFH] (KFH: 91)
Born: 1896 [KFH] Place: USA [KFH]
Died:   Place: California
Families: Ewart Bawn - Elizabeth Klug
Child 6:
Rosa Klug [KFH] (KFH: 92)
Born: 1898 [KFH] Place: USA [KFH]
Died: 1993 Place: Sask
Families: Harry Smith Hamilton - Rosa Klug
Child 7:
Tillie (Tackla) Klug [KFH] (KFH: 93)
Born: 1902 [KFH] Place: USA [KFH]
Died: 1994 Place:  
Families: Jack Thorn - Tillie Klug
Child 8:
Frances Ann Klug [KFH]
Born: 7-Aug-1910 [KFH] Place: Humboldt, Sask [KFH]
Died: 1982 Place: Deep River, Ont
Buried:   Place: Deep River Cemerary, Deep River, Ont.
Occupation: 1931 [NOM] None [NOM]
Families: James Edward McGuire - Frances Ann Klug
Roland Buchanan - Frances Ann Klug


1. Ludwig and Anna lived in Humboldt, Sask. Canada. [KFH]

2. Source of information is Marian Roesler and Mildred Woodcock. In Mildred's letter of June 19,1995 she said, "I still can't figure why anyone'd give up civilization and a good livlihood to homestead in the middle of nowhere and closest grocery store was 65 miles away in 1903. In 1905 the railway was being built and Humboldt was started (Louis's homestead was about 6-7 mi. away.) [KFH]

3. The family of Ludwig and Anna appears here, and is described here.

4. They met in USA, married and had 6 children born in the U.S.A. Came to Canada in 1903 and had two more children: Hermann and Frances. Came North by railroad - Anna (our grandmother) with Susan, Elizabeth, Rose and Takla (known as Till) and a brother George came by passenger as far as a settlement called Rosthern. Passed thru Saskatoon which was just a shack town. Rosthern now has a population of approx 2500. Next day, grandpa and son Joe came on a freight with horses, wagons, plough, cow etc. Two years earlier grandpa had been up here and staked out a homestead (1/4 section). They proceeded across country to this homestead. I presume they'd have spent at least two nights on the trail pitching tents at night. Not at all like one sees in American movies.

They apparently lived in tents until grandpa, uncle Joe and George broke some land - seeded. Then they made the 70 mile trip bacl to Rosthern for lumber and groceries. The terrain was not flat prairie - rolling hills, covered with a lot of bush and sloughs. [MC]

5. There was no such place as Humboldt and did not come into existence until 1905 when the Great Northern railroad went thru and built a station in that spot because it was the exact distance from Winnipeg and Edmonton. Also up to this time all settlers were what is referred to as German-Americans and all were Roman Catholic.

Anglo-Saxons came from Ontario (like my Dad and father-in-law) to work on the railroad. Also farmers came from Quebec and their descendants are still here. They have kept their language and culture. In fact Madame Suave was born nearby in Prud' Home. In Gravelborough their school was always and still is in French.

Their first Christmas was very bleak and mom remembers they gathered wild hazel nuts, and they had sugar cookies. Uncle Joe carved a doll out of wood for Rose and Till. Also over the years a Jewish peddler'd come with a big pack on his pack. He sold mostly pots and pans and needles and thread, from what mom could remember. She also remembered pealing bark from trees that were cut down and used to build a fence to corral the horses and cow.

I should also like to point out there were no Indians here. They lived mostly near Rosthern, Duck Lake and Batoche. Once in a while they'd pass through and one settler's wife always fed them bread and syrup.

Since grandpa was not a farmer by vocation, but a blacksmith, when the railroad came and buildings went up he worked for the railroad and built a house in town. (Humboldt.) He still farmed though. His eldest son, George, had a homestead further North in the community of Pilger (maybe 20 miles North) and he sent for a mail order bride. Actually he went to Chicago to marry her. Sometime after 1919 or 20 they moved to Chicago - hence our Chicago cousins! [MW]

Notes on Anna Probst:

1. Related to Christoph Probst of the White Rose. Christoph was arrested by the Gestapo on 19-Feb-1943 and executed by guillotine in Stadelheim prison on 22-Feb-1943. Relationship unknown. Links to Christoph and The White Rose include Christoph Probst, White Rose Memorial,
The White Rose Students,
The White Rose: A Lesson in dissent,
Anton Gill, excerpt about The White Rose, and many others.

2. Came from Landshutt - she was a bavarian. [MW]

Notes on George Klug:

1. Married Dorothea in Chicago. [MW]

Notes on Joe Klug:

1. Lives in Canada.

2. Uncle Joe stayed in Humboldt - was a mechanic. He married - had 6 children - became a widower somewhere around 1935. [MW]

3. Deceased. 6 children. [MW]

Notes on Herman Klug:

1. Lives in Canada. Wife deceased.

2. Herman was born in Humboldt. At age 14 he went to Chicago where he married Alice. Retired in California where he and Alice passed away. [MW]

3. Married Alice, Both deceased. [MW]

Notes on Susie Klug:

1. Lives in Texas.

2. Aunt Sue. Texas. Rode her bike from Rosthern to Humboldt. [HW]

Notes on Elizabeth Klug:

1. Lives in California.

2. We called her Aunt Beth. Went to Winnipeg, was a seamstress for Eatons. Married Ernest Brown - 1 son (Ewart William). Became a widow shortly after. Beth retired to California, where she passed away. [MW]

Notes on Rosa Klug:

1. Lives in Sascatchewan.

2. Rose stayed in Humboldt. Married Harry Hamilton. 4 children. Passed away June 1993. [MW]

Notes on Tillie Klug:

1. Lives in California.

2. Aunt Till worked in Winnipeg, went to Edmonton, met a railroader, Jack Thorn, who was from Texas. (1 son William.) About 1928, moved to California, had a chicken ranch, lost a lot of money in the depression and died shortly after. Aunt Till passed away fall 1994 age 94. [MW]

3. Married Jack Thorn, both deceased. One son Bill, wife Patricia. 3 Children. [MW]

Notes on Frances Ann Klug:

1. Frances was killed in a highway accident while travelling East on Highway 17 from Deep River.

2. Frances is buried beside her second husband James McGuire in the Deep River Cemetary. The marker.


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