Peter Adam Klug - Elisabeth Frank

Husband: Peter Adam Klug [KFH] (KFH: 11)
Born:   Place:  
Parent Family: Johann Nikolas Klug - Katharina Fischler
Wife: Elisabeth Frank [KFH]
Born:   Place:  
Married: Peter Adam Klug - Elisabeth Frank
Date: 3-Feb-1795 [KFH] Place:  
Child 1:
Johann Adam Klug [KFH] (KFH: 15)
Born: 11-Nov-1799 [KFH] Place: Weselberg, Germany [KFH]
Families: Johann Adam Klug - Katherina Mueller
Child 2:
Peter Klug [KFH] (KFH: 16)
Born: Feb-1803 [KFH] Place: Weselberg, Germany [KFH]
Child 3:
Elizabeth Klug [KFH] (KFH: 17)
Born: 15-Nov-1806 [KFH] Place:  

Notes on Johann Adam Klug:

1. Johann Adam Klug was born on 20 June 1828. Johann Adam is believed to have emigrated with Johann's children of the first marriage. He stayed in Springfield Centre, Ostego Co., No. New York. The Weselberg klugs state they received a letter form him after he had married and had children, but didn't hear from him further. Marge Esch who received info from the Weselberg Klugs. [KFH]


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