William Kennedy - Amelia Flemming

Husband: William Kennedy
Born:   Place:  
Wife: Amelia Flemming (AFN: 1024-K8C)
Born: 22-Oct-1838
~ 1837 [AF]
Truro, NS [AF]
Died: 25-Dec-1906 Place:  
Parent Family: William Flemming - Mary Kent
Married: William Kennedy - Amelia Flemming
Date: 4-Oct-1859 Place:  
Child 1:
Albert Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 28-Feb-1875 [JJK] Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA [JJK]
Died: 2-Jan-1928 [JJK] Place: Glendale, California, USA [JJK]
Families: Albert Kennedy - Irene Louisa Ward


1. Lived in U.S.A. and left a family. None now surviving. (1951)

2. According to a descendent (JJK) the line continues. Prior note erroneous. [JJK]

Notes on Amelia Flemming:

1. Amelia Flemming and William Kennedy lived in the US. Had a family. None surviving in 1951.


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