Albert Kennedy - Irene Louisa Ward

Husband: Albert Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 28-Feb-1875 [JJK] Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA [JJK]
Died: 2-Jan-1928 [JJK] Place: Glendale, California, USA [JJK]
Parent Family: William Kennedy - Amelia Flemming
Wife: Irene Louisa Ward [JJK]
Born: 16-Nov-1887 [JJK] Place: Teheran, Iran [JJK]
Died: 28-Dec-1965 [JJK] Place: San Fernando, California, USA [JJK]
Married: Albert Kennedy - Irene Louisa Ward
Date: 26-Oct-1912 [JJK] Place:  
Child 1:
Katherine Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 3-Sep-1913 [JJK] Place: Burbank, California, USA [JJK]
Died: 22-May-1995 [JJK] Place: Glendale, California, USA [JJK]
Families: Owen L. Mann - Katherine Kennedy
Leo Albert Fleck - Katherine Kennedy
Child 2:
Jeanne Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 19-Jan-1917 [JJK] Place:  
Died: ~ 19-Jan-1917 [JJK] Place:  
Child 3:
Elizabeth Lorraine Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 24-Oct-1919 [JJK] Place: Eagle Rock, California, USA [JJK]
Died: 5-May-1988 [JJK] Place: Oregon, USA [JJK]
Families: Thad Grady - Elizabeth Lorraine Kennedy
William L. Pomeroy - Elizabeth Lorraine Kennedy
Child 4:
Elenore Irene Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 3-Mar-1925 [JJK] Place: San Fernando, California, USA [JJK]
Families: Lionel Wilroy Brooks - Elenore Irene Kennedy
Child 5:
Carlton Ward Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 16-Jul-1927 [JJK] Place: Burbank, California, USA [JJK]
Families: Carlton Ward Kennedy - Barbara Ann Durfee
Child 6:
John Paul Kennedy [JJK]
Born: 18-Mar-1922 [JJK] Place: San Fernando, California, USA [JJK]
Died: 26-Sep-1980 [JJK] Place: Los Angeles, California, USA [JJK]
Families: John Paul Kennedy - Antoinette Jane Crouch
John Paul Kennedy - Nancy Unknown
John Paul Kennedy - Sydelle Moranz

Notes on Irene Louisa Ward:

1. Parents were Missionaries. [JJK]


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