Henry Hartling - Julie Ann West

Husband: Henry Hartling [VH]
Born: 22-Aug-1862 [VH] Place: Beaver Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada [VH]
Died: 17-May-1902 [VH] Place:  
Parent Family: William Henry Hartling - Lydia Behie
Wife: Julie Ann West [VH]
Born:   Place:  
Married: Henry Hartling - Julie Ann West
Date: 11-May-1863 [VH] Place: Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada [VH]
Child 1:
Ethel Blanche Hartling [VH]
Born: 13-Feb-1887 [VH] Place:  
Died: 1975 [VH] Place:  
Families: Clemeth Ralph Turner - Ethel Blanche Hartling
Child 2:
William Ervin Hartling [VH]
Born: 5-Jan-1888 [VH] Place: Beaver Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada [VH]
Died: ~ 1957 [VH] Place:  
Families: William Ervin Hartling - Effie M. Turner
Child 3:
Eldridge Arestus Hartling [VH]
Born: 12-Jul-1889 [VH] Place: Beaver Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada [VH]
Died: 1977 [VH] Place:  
Occupation:   Sailor [VH]
Families: Eldridge Arestus Hartling - Myretta L. Jewers
Child 4:
Werner Jurgens (Ernie) Hartling [VH]
Born: 8-Jan-1891 [VH] Place:  
Child 5:
Jean Hartling [VH]
Born: 6-Oct-1893 [VH] Place:  
Died: 1985 [VH] Place:  
Families: Wentford Vernon Patriquin - Jean Hartling
Child 6:
Harry Arthur Hartling [VH]
Born: 9-Apr-1895 [VH] Place:  
Died: ~ 1975 [VH] Place:  
Child 7:
Annie Catharine Hartling [VH]
Born: 7-Jan-1897 [VH] Place:  
Died: 1976 [VH] Place:  
Child 8:
Edward H. Hartling [VH]
Born: 4-Mar-1899 [VH] Place:  
Child 9:
George Maurice Hartling [VH]
Born: 4-Mar-1899 [VH] Place: Beaver Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada [VH]
Died: 8-Jun-1984 [VH] Place: Albany, New York [VH]
Families: George Maurice Hartling - Kitty Kirker
Child 10:
Mary Whielmina Hartling [VH]
Born: 7-Mar-1901 [VH] Place:  
Died: 1973 [VH] Place:  

Notes on Edward H. Hartling:

1. Twin. [VH]

Notes on George Maurice Hartling:

1. Twin. [VH]


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