William (Jr.) Hall - Sarah M. Behie

Husband: William (Jr.) Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Parent Family: William Hall - Sarah Currie
Wife: Sarah M. Behie [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Parent Family: John Augustus Behie - Ann Elizabeth Balcom
Child 1:
Samuel Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Died:   Place: Jamica [SH]
Sea Captain [SH]
First Officer, S.S. Alpha of Pickford and Black Line. [SH]
Families: Samuel Hall - Viney Dickie
Child 2:
John Will Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Occupation:   Draftsman of deeds and wills [SH]
Families: John Will Hall - Lydia E. Watt
Child 3:
Captain Neil Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Occupation:   Port Warden of Halifax [SH]
Families: Neil Hall - Annie Fulton
Child 4:
James Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
High Sheriff of Halifax County [SH]
Manager of Furness, Withy Company Limited [SH]
President of the Halifax Board of Trade [SH]
Child 5:
Thomas Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Occupation:   Merchant and Collector of Customs, Sheet Harbour, NS. [SH]
Families: Thomas Hall - Frances Conrad
Child 6:
Malcolm McFarlane Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Occupation:   Secretary of Nova Scotia Exhibition. [SH]
Child 7:
Janet Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Families: Walter Downs - Janet Hall
Child 8:
Amelia (Sis) Hall [SH]
Born: ~ 1850 [DMN] Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [DMN]
Died: 16-May-1938 [SH] Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [SH]
Families: Finlay MacMillan - Amelia Hall
Child 9:
Henry Balcom Hall [SH]
Born: 1858 [SH] Place:  
Died: > 1953 [SH] Place:  
County Councillor. [SH]
Road Superintendent. [SH]
Families: Henry Balcom Hall - Jerusha Fulton


1. William (Jr.) (1818-1884) married Sarah M. Behie, one of nine sisters, and they had the following children: Samuel, John Will, Neil, James, Henry, Thomas, McFarlane, Janet (Downs) and Amelia (MacMillan).

This family became one of the best known families not only in the County but in the Province, most of them attaining distinction for varying degrees of energy, probity, business ability, bonhomie and political interest. [SH]

Notes on James Hall:

1. Died in his 80s. [SH]

Notes on Amelia Hall:

1. Also written Emilia.

2. Emilia Hall had a sister named Janet Pearson Hall. She was a nurse in a North Carolina? city prior to 1914. She was sent to France (later Germany) during the war (December 1917) with the American Expeditionary forces. She met Walter Downs, an american soldier who was hospitalized after exposure to noxious gas. She married Walter. Walter was a lawyer and they lived in Hartford, Connecticut. Janet Patricia Laurence's antique bed was willed to her by Janet Pearson Hall. It had been in the Hall family.

3. Emilia had a sister Janet Pearson Hall. Janet Laurence was named after Janet Hall.

4. Sheet Harbour - A Local History By James E. Rutledge, pg.47 (1954).
"Amelia became the wife of the "beloved physician", Finlay MacMillan, who lived to the age of 90, practised up to his last year of life, was signally honored by his profession on his sixtieth year of practice and died in 1932 mourned by the whole community he had served for more than 60 years. He and Dr. John Gourlay, who came from Colchester County, long were the two physicians to the people of the villages." [SH-1]

5. Sheet Harbour - A Local History By James E. Rutledge, pg.81 (1954).
"Mrs. Finlay MacMillan was for sixty years a soloist in this church. She died on May 16, 1938, aged 82. Her husband, Dr. MacMillan, had been for many years the Church Clerk of the Session. The Reverend Richard Logan became the pastor in 1880, succeeding Rev. A. B. Dickie. The Sheet Harbour elders then were John Hall, Thos. and Wm. Robinson (Robertson), J. Scott Holman, Wm. MacKiel, Dr. Finlay MacMillan and Angus Cruickshanks." [SH-1]

Notes on Henry Balcom Hall:

1. Died after 95. [SH]


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