John Hall - Unknown Unknown

Husband: John Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Died: 23-Apr-1882 [SH] Place:  
Parent Family: William Hall - Sarah Currie
Child 1:
Robert P. Hall [SH]
Born:   Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [SH]
Died: 1942 [SH] Place: Sheet Harbour, NS [SH]
Occupation:   Post Master, West River, Sheet Harbour, NS [SH]
Families: Robert P. Hall - Margaret Parker
Child 2:
James Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Child 3:
Edward Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Child 4:
Unknown Hall [SH]
Born:   Place:  
Families: Norman Stewart - Unknown Hall


1. Sheet Harbour - A Local History By James E. Rutledge, pg.47:
"John Hall, (son of William Sr.) who died on April 23, 1882, was the father of James, Robert P. and Edward. Robert P. Hall, who married Margaret Parker of Upper Musquodoboit, was the Post Master at West River, Sheet Harbour (the principal post office) for over half a century. He died in 1942. No man was more highly respected in Sheet Harbour than was Robert Hall. His son, Ernest Hall, succeeded his father as postmaster. A sister of the old postmaster married Norman Stewart of Upper Mosquodoboit. He for many years was the mail driver, spoken of elsewhere in this work." [SH]


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