Frederick Andrew Laurence - Isabel Flemming

Husband: Frederick Andrew Laurence
Born: 23-Apr-1843 [HIC]
1843 [SEC]
23-Apr-1869 [PHM]
Place: Port Hood, Inverness, NS [HIC]
Port Hood, Inverness, NS [SEC]
Port Hood, Inverness,, NS [PHM]
Died: 14-Feb-1912 [HIC]
1912 [SEC]
Lawyer, Town Recorder, Truro, NS [HIC]
MP (Single Term) [HIC]
MPP, Colchester, NS (Two Terms) [HIC]
Speaker for the House of Assembly, NS (2nd Term) [HIC]
Supreme Court Justice, NS [HIC]
Parent Family: George Craigie (I) Laurence - Helen Turnbull
Wife: Isabel Flemming (AFN: 1024-KBR)
Born: 5-Apr-1844
~ 1841 [AF]
Truro, NS [AF]
Parent Family: William Flemming - Mary Kent
Married: Frederick Andrew Laurence - Isabel Flemming
Date: 12-May-1868 [NP] Place: William Flemming's Residence [NP]
Child 1:
May Laurence [PS]
Born:   Place:  
Died: ~ 1951 Place: Truro, NS?
Families: Harold Putnam - May Laurence

Notes on Frederick Andrew Laurence:

1. Admitted to Bar of Nova Scotia 27-Apr-1869. [HIC]

Notes on Isabel Flemming:

1. Third daughter.

2. Deceased in 1951.


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