Eric Courtney Dexter - Alice Marjory Aldred

Husband: Eric Courtney Dexter [DGW]
Born: 8-Nov-1895 [DGW]
8-Nov-1895 [HTA]
Place: Truro, NS [DGW]
Antigonish, Antigonish, NS [HTA]
Parent Family: Franklyn Dexter - Ella M. Young
Wife: Alice Marjory Aldred [DGW]
Born:   Place:  
Married: Eric Courtney Dexter - Alice Marjory Aldred
Date: 16-Jun-1925 Place:  
Child 1:
Frances Marion Dexter [DGW]
Born: 18-Mar-1926 [DGW] Place: NS [DGW]
Child 2:
James Arthur Dexter [DGW]
Born: 11-Jul-1927 [DGW] Place: NS [DGW]


1. Eric and Alice resided in Truro NS. in 1931. [DGW]


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