James Buchanan - Mary Hannah Murphy

ID #260, BB #70?

Husband: James Buchanan [AVP][BB][1881][1891]
Born: ~ 1806 [AVP][1881]
~ 1807 [1891]
Place: Lot 58, Queens, PEI [AVP][1881]
PEI [1891]
Died: 30-Nov-1893 - 13-Mar-1994 [AVP] Place: Queens, PEI [AVP]
Wife: Mary Hannah Murphy [AVP][BB][1881][1891][1901]
Born: 11-Feb-1812 [1901]
~ 1812 [1881]
~ 1814 [1891]
Place: PEI [1901]
PEI [1881]
PEI [1891]
Died: > 1901 [1901] Place:  
Child 1:
Archibald Buchanan [AVP]
Born:   Place:  
Child 2:
John Buchanan [AVP][SJB]
Born: 31-Mar-1832 [AVP][SJB] Place: Mill Dam - Pinette, Belfast, Queens, PEI [AVP][SJB]
Baptised: 20-Aug-1832 [AVP][SJB] Place: St. Johns, Belfast, Queens, PEI [AVP][SJB]
Child 3:
Mary Buchanan [AVP]
Born: 7-Apr-1830 [AVP][SJB] Place: Mill Dam - Pinette, Belfast, Queens, PEI [AVP][SJB]
Baptised: 24-Jul-1830 [AVP][SJB] Place: St. Johns, Belfast, Queens, PEI [AVP][SJB]
Child 4:
Kate Buchanan [AVP]
Born:   Place:  
Child 5:
William Buchanan [AVP][1881][BB][1891][1901][CEM-1]
Born: 1849 [AVP][CEM-1]
10-Jul-1851 [1901]
~ 1853 [1891]
PEI [1901]
PEI [1891]
Died: 1935 [CEM-1][AVP] Place: PEI [CEM-1][AVP]
Buried:   Place: 58/1/891
Families: William Buchanan - Margaret MacKinnon
Child 6:
Margaret Hannah Buchanan [AVP]
Born: 12-Oct-1861 [AVP] Place: Eldon, PEI [AVP]
Died: 4-Sep-1914 [AVP] Place: New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [AVP]
Families: Seth Hotchkiss - Margaret Hannah Buchanan


1. The "Belfast Book" claims the family had 13 children, but doesn't say who they were. [BB]

2. In 1891 there is a William Allen Buchanan in the home, b.~1876. The relationship to James was unreadable, it may be lodger. [1891]

3. Lease #30. James leased land originally leased by William Bowles on 30-May-1836. 68 acres near Pinette Church.
"commencing on pinette river on the east side of land leased to the said William Bowles it runs? from thence to the new road which leads to the Pinette granary from thence North seventy fice degrees East along the road to the Flat River road from thence along the ?? river road towards Pinette Mills to land leased to Reverend John McLennan fom thence along the line of John McLennan's land to Pinette River aforesaid and from thence along the course of the river to the place of commencement."

4. In Jame's will of 30-Nov-1893 he divided his land among his sons and grandsons. Deeds show his son William Buchanan received 98 acres and his grandson James Allan Buchanan received 72 acres. His son Archibald was to have use of land until his death. The land was to be divided as follows: son William, "land on the West side of the road where he now lives, 68 acres"; son Archibald, "use of 30 acres Esat side of road lying between William Stewarts line and David Ross' line and being bounded on the West side by the road leading from Belfast Church to Flat River, said 30 acres to become the property to become the property of my son William and his heirs after the death of my son Archibald."; grandson James Allan Buchanan, Williams son, "whole remaining lot on East Side of Road from Belfast Church to Flat River."

5. [1881] 58/162.

6. [1891] 58/17.

7. [1901] 58/58.

Notes on James Buchanan:

1. Parents Scot-Scot. [1891]

Notes on Mary Hannah Murphy:

1. Parents England - England. [1891]

2. Irish Heritage. [1901]


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