Samuel Buchanan - Catherine Stuart

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Husband: Samuel Buchanan [BB][SJB][1881][1891][1901]
Born: 10-Mar-1843 [SJB]
18-Apr-1844 [1901]
Place: Point Prim, PEI [SJB]
PEI [1901]
Baptised: 8-May-1843 [SJB] Place: St. John's, Belfast, PEI [SJB]
Died: 16-Apr-1930 [PA-1] Place: Stanchel, PEI [PA-1]
Buried:   Place: Springton Cemetery, Stanchel PEI [PA]
Residence: > 1891 [1891]
< 1881 [1881]
Place: Stanchel, PEI [1891]
Belfast, PEI [1881]
Occupation: 1901 [1901]
1881 [1881]
1891 [1891]
Master Mariner [1901]
Ship Captain [1881]
Seafaring Seaman [1891]
Parent Family: John Buchanan - Marion Nicholson
Wife: Catherine Stuart
Born: 15-Apr-1856 [GS][PA]
~ 1857 [1891]
~ 1859 [1881]
27-Apr-1859 [1901]
Place: Andersons Rd, Lot 67, PEI [GS][PA]
PEI [1901]
Baptised: 16-Nov-1859 [GS][PA] Place: Breadalbane Presbyterian [GS][PA]
Died: 7-Jun-1913 [VSPEI] Place: Falconwood Hospital, PEI [VSPEI]
Parent Family: Ronald Stewart - Catherine MacKay
Married: Samuel Buchanan - Catherine Stuart
Date: 29-Sep-1880 [PA] Place: Charlottetown [PA]
Child 1:
George F. Buchanan [EVRGRN]
Born: 7-Jan-1882 [1901]
~ 1884 [1891]
~ Mar-1884 [EVRGRN]
Place: Stanchel, PEI [1901]
PEI [1891]
Died: 25-Feb-1905 [EVRGRN]
Place: Portland, ME [EVRGRN]
Portland, Maine [NM]
Buried:   Place: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine.
Occupation: 1905 [PMDR] Machinist, Portland, ME [PMDR]
Child 2:
Mary Ethel Buchanan
Born: 24-May-1885 [1901]
~ 1886 [1891]
Place: Stanchel, PEI. [1901]
PEI [1891]
Died: 30-Jan-1927 [BCA] Place: Vancouver, BC [BCA]
Families: John Hockin - Mary Ethel Buchanan
Child 3:
Sarah Buchanan
Born: 27-May-1887 [1901]
~ 1887 [1891]
Place: Stanchel, PEI [1901]
PEI [1891]
Died: 1981 Place: Charlottetown, PEI
Buried: 7-Sep-1981 [FR][NP-1] Place: Floral Hills, Memorial Gardens Cemetery [FR][NP-1]
Lay Nurse
Housekeeper in Boston
Child 4:
John Stuart (Jack) Buchanan
Born: 7-Nov-1894 [1901]
~ 1896
Place: Stanchel, PEI [1901]
Stanchel, PEI
Died: 22-Feb-1974 [BCA] Place: New Westminster, BC [BCA]
Head of BC Liquor Commission [NM]
School Teacher, Math [MM]
Families: John Stuart Buchanan - Verlie Unknown
John Stuart Buchanan - Edna Rachel Robinson
Child 5:
Roland Buchanan
Born: 1902 [NM] Place: Stanchel, PEI [NM]
Died: 1-May-1949 [BFB]
1949 [NM]
Place: Ottawa, Ont [BFB]
Ottawa, Ont. [NM]
Buried:   Place: Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont
Occupation: 1931 [NOM] Cafeteria Manager [NOM]
Families: Roland Buchanan - Alberta Edna Fraser
Roland Buchanan - Frances Ann Klug
Child 6:
Roland 1 Buchanan [NM]
Born:   Place: Stanchel, PEI [DD-1]


1. Samuel and Catherine were married by the Rev. John M. McLeod. The witnesses were: Charles Gillis and A. Costello. Bondsman was James MacDonald.

2. Samuel and Catherine's native tongue is listed in the 1901 census as Gaelic, the children's tongue as English.

3. One of Katherine's brothers was head of the Cunard Line. Another relative was awarded the Victoria Cross. [NB] (VC relative was Ronald Neil Stuart. )

4. The first Roland died as an infant. [NB]

5. Samuel Buchanan filed the death notice for Katherine Buchanan.

Notes on Samuel Buchanan:

1. Sam came from a very large family, he remembers 12. One of Sam's brothers or sisters (probably a brother) went to Australia. Or perhaps a large number of the family went. They were only in PEI for a short time. [AB] (Twelve listed in the Belfast Book. [CSB])

2. Sam travelled to the Bardadoes and Trinidad (for Molasses?). [AB]

3. Bob R. may have Sam's sea charts. [AB] (He didn't. [CSB])

4. Another Buchanan was in the British Navy. Was an admiral? Could have been Sam's father. [AB]

5. (Second hand from a friend.) The University of Edinborough has restored a property connected with the Buchanans. The Buchanan Priory? Complete with Dog's graveyard where all pets have been buried? [AB]

6. Sam's ship was a three masted schooner called the "Matilda". [AB]

7. Sam was the captain of a blue nose whaler. [MM]

8. Roland left home and joined the navy at 16. [MM] (Believe he was teaching in PEI and NS at that time. [CSB])

9. Sam was the captain of the Empress out of Montague from 1901 to around 1904. Another captain took his place about 1904 so Sam could attend his daughter's wedding. (Mary Ethel.) [DC]

10. Sam purchased his property on September 19, 1891 from Charles Stuart. Sam sold his property to Sadie for $1 on June 2nd, 1924. Document here. Sadie sold the property to Hilda October 10th, 1975. [LID]

11. Sam as captain of the Empress out of Montague appears here.

Notes on Catherine Stuart:

1. Falconwood Hospital is now called Hillsboro Hospital.

2. Auntie Katie told me that Catherine Stuart was able to spin and weave her own blankets, so it was vey much a working farm. [HS]

3. Catherine is a direct descendant of the Royal Stuarts, descended several generations from a daughter. [AB]

Notes on George F. Buchanan:

1. George died of Typhoid fever. [NB]

2. George is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Section D, Lot 167, Position 6. There is no headstone. The lot diagram states: Grave 6, Name George F. Buchanan, Age 21-11, Date of Death (Month Feb., Day 25, Year 1905). Neighboring plot is Lewis Tappan and Mary F. Todd.

3. Record of Deaths - Portland, Maine, p.76, 1905.
Date of Death: February 25
Place of Death: Greely Hosp.
Name: George F. Buchanan
Age: (Yrs: 21) (Mos: 11)
Place of Birth: P. E. Island
Sex: M
Color: W
Single, Mar'd or Wid'd: _
Disease: Typhoid Fever
Occupation: Machinist
Name of Father: Samuel Buchanan
Name of Mother: _
Place of Birth: (Father: _ ) (Mother: _ )
Name & P.O. Address of Physician (or other person) reporting the death: Robert L. Hull M.D.

Notes on Mary Ethel Buchanan:

1. Mary married a Hopkins. He remarried after she died. [MM]

Notes on Sarah Buchanan:

1. Sadie died in an old folk's home in Charlottetown. Bob R. was the executor. Sadie lived in Sam and Catherine's house in Stanchel. [AB]

2. Sadie worked in Boston as a housekeeper. [AB]

3. Memorial Gardens Cemetery is called "Floral Hills" and is near Kensington, PEI. PHEIGS has never transcribed the cemetery. All of the stones are in the ground and are hard to find and read. [PHEIGS]

4. Sadie was a "nurse" to Lucy Maud Montgomery when Lucy was on the island. [NM]

5. Sadie lied about her age and ended up having trouble getting social security benefits because she was too young. [MM]

6. While visiting Sadie, Dino decided to make Daquiris. They looked for a bag to crush the ice in and found one. Sadie said hers tasted funny but had more than one. Afterwards they looked in the glasses and found tiny rusted wires at the bottom. The wires were from the floor polisher heads that the bag was used to hold. Luckily the wires had settled to the bottom. [NM]

Notes on John Stuart Buchanan:

1. I visited the Buchanans in New Westminster in 1956-57 and I still have photpgraphs of Jack, Edna, Mary, Wallace and his wife to prove it. [IWS]

2. I first saw Jack Buchanan in, I think, 1936 when he came over to Europe for, I suspect, the dedication of the Canadian Army Memorial at Vimy Ridge. I understand that he served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Artillery (a Heavy Siege Battery?) in WWI and during his leaves he visited father's home in Liverpool. He was physically rather like my father and some of his mannerisms were hauntingly familiar, but I do not think the two got on very well. Jack told me Dad had promised to get him a good cabin on one of the CPR boats when he visited the UK but the promise was not fulfilled. Sounds quite likely! [IWS]

3. Jack's middle name is listed in the census as Samuel but [MM] claims it was Stuart.

4. John inherited his house in New Westminster from his sister Mary. Mary was the first wife of John Hockin. House was at 425 Ash St, New Westminster. Prior to that John had lived in Burnaby, BC. That was when he taught math. [MM]

5. John had a stern upbringing. Was in the army. Very Scottish? Never had a wallet, no papers or identification of any kind. [MM]

6. John always thought he was a year younger than he was. Took the date from a bible? A census showed him to be a year older? [MM]

7. Jack had a relative who was born in Scotland who would visit at Christmas etc. Mary thinks it waw Iain Stewart? [MM] (Verified - was Ian Stuart [CSB].)

8. Jack was the head of the BC liquor commission. He married twice. [NM]

9. Jack had the following Stuarts in his address book: [MM]
Ian Stuart
59 Antrim Mansions
Homestead, England
Phone: Royal 6000 Extension 93-206

Agnes B. Stuart
10 Hollybush Rd.
Gravesend, Kent, England

R. Neil Stuart
60 Pine Avenue
Gravesend, England

Notes on Roland Buchanan:

1. Roland is buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont. Section 19, Last Post Fund, Grave 82. Section overseen by branch of Veteran Affairs. [BEECEM]

Notes on Roland 1 Buchanan:

1. Died as an infant. [NM]


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