Angus Buchanan - Margaret MacLeod

Husband: Angus Buchanan [GS]
Born: ~ 1820 [GS] Place: Isle of Skye, Scotland [GS]
Died: 15-Feb-1857 [GS] Place: PEI [GS]
Buried:   Place: Hartsville Presbyterian [GS]
Parent Family: Murdoch Buchanan - Christina Unknown
Wife: Margaret MacLeod [GS]
Born:   Place:  
Child 1:
Angus Buchanan [GS]
Born: ~ 1858 [GS] Place: PEI [GS]
Died: 23-Mar-1862 [GS] Place: PEI [GS]
Buried:   Place: Hartsville Presbyterian, Lot 67, PEI [GS]
Child 2:
John Buchanan [GS]
Born: ~ 1850 [GS] Place: PEI [GS]
Died: 10-May-1867 [GS] Place: PEI [GS]
Buried:   Place: Hartsville Presbyterian, Lot 67, PEI [GS]
Child 3:
Murdoch Buchanan [GS][1891][1901][CEM-1][GT]
Born: 8-Mar-1853 [1901]
~ 1852 [1891]
1853 [CEM-1]
6-Mar-1853 [KS]
Place: PEI [1901]
Died: 1931 [CEM-1] Place: PEI [CEM-1]
Buried:   Place: 67/2/22, PEI [CEM-1]
Families: Murdoch Buchanan - Mary Nicholson
Child 4:
Alexander Buchanan [DH]
Born: ~ 1854 [DH] Place: Clyde, Lot 22, PEI [DH]
Died: 5-Aug-1920 [DH] Place: PEI [DH]
Buried:   Place: Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery, PEI [DH]
Families: Alexander Buchanan - Catherine Jane McDonald
Child 5:
Duncan Buchanan [DH]
Born: 1856 [DH] Place: Clyde, Lot 22, PEI [DH]
Residence:   Place: Lot 21 [DH]
Families: Duncan Buchanan - Charlotte Nora Smith


1. Supposedly Angus and Margaret settled a farm in lot 22 and that is the farm Alexander eventually took over and raised his family and is called the homestead. [DH]

Notes on Margaret MacLeod:

1. Margaret's Obituary: The death of Mrs. Margaret Buchanan, occurred at the home of her son, Mr. Alexander Buchanan, on Saturday the 16th at 6 p.m. The deceased emigrated from the Isle of Skye, Scotland in the year 1840, on the ship Polly. Mrs. Buchanan, although she had reached the advanced age of 102 years had always enjoyed the best of health till within three weeks of death and still was able to be up and sit in her chair till with a few hours of her death.
The funeral services at the home and grave were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Leard.
There are left to mourn three sons Murdoch, in Fredericton; Duncan, New Dominion; and Alexander on the homestead; and 23 grand children and 17 great grand children. The remains were laid to rest in Hartsville cemetery, beside those of her husband Angus Buchanan who predeceased her 61 years ago.
A few more years of evil pass
We reach that happy shore
Where death divided friends at last
Will meet to part no more. [DH]

Notes on Murdoch Buchanan:

1. Murcock's obituary: As the twilight shadows were gathering on the evening of March 6, 1931, the angel of death crossed the threshold of the home of Murdock Buchanan, at Fredericton, PEI, and claimed all that was mortal of the father and head of that family.
Murdock Buchanan was born at Clyde, PEI, March 8, 1852, thus he was within two days of his 79th birthday at his death. He had lived all his married life in the home in which he died, having resided there for 53 years. He was an ideal father, a kindly neighbor, a most lovable man and a successful farmer. The deceased did not enjoy very robust health during the last few years of his life, suffering from a malingering disease which precluded his attendance at public gatherings. But his home was always open to visitors whom he delighted to welcome.
He is survived by his sorrowing widow, four sons and four daughters, William, at Albany, PEI, Stanley, at Concord, New Hampshire, USA, Herbert at home and Peter at Fredericton, PEI, the daughters are Mrs.
James Stewart, at Concord, New Hampshire, USA, Mrs. John Cutcliffe, at Fredericton, PEI, Mrs. Phoebe Stewart, of Fredericton, PEI, and Mrs. John Rodd, of Concord, New Hampshire, USA. There is one surviving brother, Duncan Buchanan of New Dominion, PEI besides 22 grandchildren to all to
whom the sympathies of the community is extended.
The funeral service was held at the home of the deceased on Sunday afternoon March 8, at 2:00 and was conducted by the Rev. Thos. Palethorpe, when practically the whole community were present. Interment was made in the cemetery near by where we tenderly laid to rest all that was moral of
the deceased. "Until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away."
The floral offerings were a pillow from the family, pillow from Concord, and a spray from Fredericton Institute. [DH]

2. Murdock's son Elmer was killed in a car accident in New Brunswick traveling back to see his father when he was sick. [DH]


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