Unknown Boggon - Unknown Unknown

Husband: Unknown Boggon
Born:   Place:  
Child 1:
David Boggon
Born:   Place:  
Died: 1925 Place:  
Child 2:
Jennie Boggon
Born:   Place:  
Died: 1935 Place:  
Families: Unknown Unknown - Jennie Boggon
Unknown Sample - Jennie Boggon
Child 3:
George Boggon
Born:   Place:  
Died:   Place: Silksworth
Child 4:
Alexander Boggon
Born:   Place:  
Child 5:
Mary Boggon
Born:   Place:  
Occupation:   Secretary of the Natioal Union of Teachers
Families: Unknown Daniels - Mary Boggon
Child 6:
Hugh MacArthur Boggon [IBP]
Born: ~ 1878 [IBP] Place:  
Died: Mar-1960 [IBP] Place:  
Families: Hugh MacArthur Boggon - Margaret Anne Irvine
Child 7:
Elizabeth "Cissie" Boggon
Born: ~ 1880 Place:  
Died: ~ 1955 Place: Sundurland
Families: Unknown Webster - Elizabeth "Cissie" Boggon

Notes on Jennie Boggon:

1. Had a son named "Billy". [IBP]

Notes on Alexander Boggon:

1. Married a politician. [IBP]

Notes on Hugh MacArthur Boggon:

1. Died at 82

2. Hugh had seven or eight siblings and was the second youngest. [IBP]

3. The Boggons may have been "OBoggon" from Ireland. (Plenty of Boggon's in England in the 1700s. [CSB]).

Notes on Elizabeth "Cissie" Boggon:

1. Died at 75.


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