Oliver Blois - Tryphena Pamela Parker

Husband: Oliver Blois (BFH: 20)
Born: 23-May-1814 Place: Douglas, NS
Died: 17-Sep-1894 Place: Douglas, NS
Parent Family: Henry Blois - Eliza Hamilton
Other Families: Oliver Blois - Nancy McDougall
Wife: Tryphena Pamela Parker (BFH: 20.2)
Born: 21-May-1834 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 24-Jan-1897 Place: The Gore, NS
Married: Oliver Blois - Tryphena Pamela Parker
Date: 26-Jan-1853 Place: West Gore, NS
Child 1:
Johnston Blois (BFH: 126)
Born: 26-Jan-1854 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: May-1923 Place: Stockton, CA
Families: Johnston Blois - Catherine Barry
Child 2:
Emily Blois (BFH: 127)
Born: 10-Jul-1855 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 28-Apr-1869 Place: The Gore, NS
Child 3:
John McNeil Blois (BFH: 128)
Born: 28-Nov-1857 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 5-Jul-1936 Place: Rivers Inlet, BC
Families: John McNeil Blois - E A McLearn
Child 4:
Armina Blois (BFH: 129)
Born: 22-Nov-1859 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 4-Nov-1925 Place: CA
Families: Arthur Trethaway - Armina Blois
Child 5:
Mary Alice Blois (BFH: 130)
Born: 6-Mar-1861 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 4-Jan-1944 Place: CA
Families: Wallace Minard - Mary Alice Blois
Child 6:
Hannah Elizabeth Blois (BFH: 131)
Born: 23-Sep-1862 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 11-Oct-1936 Place: Halifax, NS
Families: Leonard Scott - Hannah Elizabeth Blois
Child 7:
Charles Stewart Blois (BFH: 132)
Born: 27-Jun-1864 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 2-Sep-1896 Place: Andover, MA
Families: Charles Stewart Blois - Sadie McFarlane
Child 8:
Elizabeth Jane Blois (BFH: 133)
Born: 6-Mar-1866 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 3-Jul-1952 Place: Napa, CA
Families: Robert Whitson - Elizabeth Jane Blois
Child 9:
Jessie Laura Blois (BFH: 134)
Born: 29-Jan-1868 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 8-Jul-1948 Place: Halifax, NS
Families: Everett Corbin - Jessie Laura Blois
Child 10:
William Oliver Blois (BFH: 135)
Born: 4-Mar-1870 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 25-Feb-1949 Place: New Glasgow, NS
Families: William Oliver Blois - Jennifer O'Brien
Child 11:
Harry Hope Blois (BFH: 136)
Born: 28-Dec-1871 Place: The Gore, NS
Died: 15-Jul-1964 Place: Halifax, NS
Families: Harry Hope Blois - Annie Bowes
Child 12:
Ernest Herbert Blois (BFH: 137)
Born: 18-Jun-1878 Place: The Gore, Hants, NS
Died: 29-Mar-1948 Place: Camp Hill, Halifax, NS
Families: Ernest Herbert Blois - Jennie Belle MacMillan

Notes on Emily Blois:

Died of bilious fever.

Notes on Charles Stewart Blois:

Died while engaged.

Notes on Ernest Herbert Blois:

1. Ernest Herbert Bloise was 12th child, father died when ernest was young. Father was a farmer. Left when 12 to live with older sister (parents dead). Was a school teacher, was in social services and was a juvenille court judge. Was deputy minister of N.S., M.B.E. [EB]


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