William Bowls - Ann Buchanon

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Husband: William Bowls [SJB]
Born: ~ 1799 [BOW-1] Place: England [BOW-1]
Other Families: William Bowls - Catharine Buchanan
Wife: Ann Buchanon [BOW]
Born: ~ 1804 [BOW-1] Place: Scotland [BOW-1]
Died: 25-Dec-1889 [BOW][BB] Place: PEI [BOW][BB]
Child 1:
John Bowles [BOW]
Born: 14-Jan-1826 [BOW][SJB] Place: Pinette, PEI [BOW][SJB]
Baptised: 24-Jul-1830 [SJB] Place: St. John's, Belfast, PEI [SJB]
Child 2:
Elizbaeth Bowles [BOW]
Born: 27-Jun-1832 [BOW] Place:  
Child 3:
Jane Bowles [BOW]
Born: 4-Nov-1834 [BOW] Place:  
Families: Charles McWilliams - Jane Bowles
Child 4:
Margaret Bowles [BB][BOW]
Born: ~ 1841 [BOW-1] Place:  
Families: James McWilliam - Margaret Bowles


1. The 1841 census shows seven children on Lot 58 with William Bowles plus his wife. [BOW]

2. The 1881 census lists William Bowles age 82 from England and Ann Bowles age 77 born in Scotland at the home of Margaret McWilliams. This means that Ann Buchanan Bowles is quite definitely the one mentioned in the Belfast Book as "Mrs. Bowles" who died on December 25, 1889 at age 86. [BOW]

Notes on William Bowls:

1. Other researchers have recorded William Birch as William Bowles. (Need to have another look at the original records.) [BOW]


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