John Andrew Banks - Mary Park

Husband: John Andrew Banks
Born:   Place:  
Wife: Mary Park
Born:   Place:  
Parent Family: Francis Park - Unknown Unknown
Child 1:
Mary Harrison Banks [RNS]
Born: ~ 1849 [IWS]
8-Dec-1848 [IWS]
Place: Liverpool, England ? [IWS]
Families: Neil Stuart - Mary Harrison Banks
Child 2:
Sarah Banks [HMS]
Born:   Place:  
Families: John Wilson - Sarah Banks
Child 3:
Janey Banks [HMS]
Born:   Place:  
Child 4:
John Banks [HMS]
Born:   Place:  

Notes on John Andrew Banks:

1. The names behind them were Thompson and Harrison. [HS]

2. I did try tracing them, as they came from Cumberland or Westmorland and had at one time been mill owners. A paper mill I was told. [HS]

3. According to a note by Dad in the fine grandfather clock John Banks came from Borrowdale in Cumberland. [IWS]

4. They moved to Liverpool during the boom period in shipping. Grandma Bank's family were orphaned at an early age, how old they were when their parents died I do not know but they lived for some time with their grandfather, and his sister (Great Aunt Jane [IWS]) - who was really their Great Aunt. [HS]

5. They were ship owners, I think Grandma's father captained his father's ship - and there was another brother who was a sea captain. During a slump in the shipping they went to sail the South Atlantic and bring back guano as cargo, but their father would not allow it - or left the ships idle. It must have rankled with the sons as the story went down the generations. [HS]

6. Great Aunt Jane never married. I think she lived in Toxteth which was a wealthy area in those days. She was un (? [IWS]) important in the family - a) she had money, b) she was educated, c) she paid for Dad's education. (At Shaw street college, later Liverpool College - a public school. He left early. [IWS]) I think they lived in hopes of inheriting her money but she left it all to her solicitor - perhaps she was gaga at the end. [HS]

7. There were three sisters in the Banks family, Mary, Sarah and Janey - who died at seventeen. I do not know how many brothers there were. I did hear of one who went to Australia and was not heard of again, and there was John Banks. [HS]

Notes on Mary Harrison Banks:

1. Mary and Sarah were running a dress making business where Mary and Neil (Stuart) met. I do not think they were the shrinking violets that sometimes we were made to believe they were. They ran the business from 31 Kelvin Grove which Mary had bought. One evening Capt Sutherland (In 1888 Captain David Sutherland, Master Mariner, lived next door at 33 Kelvin Grove. Gore's Directory 1888. [IWS]) who was a friend of Sarah's said he was bringing her a handsome husband round to dine with them. It was Neil Stuart and Mary was the one who married him. Sarah married John Wilson, a man with a good singing voice. [HS]

2. I remember a letter that Mary had written to her sister, describing her grey silk dress and lavendar grey gloves Neil had brought for her and for himself. (He was always a dandy).

3. Refused to attend her son's wedding on the grounds that she wasn't good enough for him. [IWS]

Notes on Sarah Banks:

1. Sarah was a very modern miss. There were photographs of her in cycling clothes - very dashing bloomers and she had a pert face. I wish the photographs still existed. I always thought she looked rather like Betty Grable. Sarah had one child Jack Wilson. She died about a year after his birth of peritonitis. [HS]

Notes on Janey Banks:

1. Died at seventeen. [HS]


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