Edward Allerton - Rose Davis

Husband: Edward Allerton [AF] (AFN: GJ28-PH)
Born: 1555 [AF] Place: St. Dionis, Backchurch, England [AF]
Died: 1589 - 1590 [AF] Place: England [AF]
Parent Family: William Allerton - Unknown Unknown
Wife: Rose Davis [AF] (AFN: GJ28-QN)
Born: 1559 [AF] Place: St. Peter, Cornhill, England [AF]
Died: 1595 - 1596 [AF] Place: London, England, England [AF]
Parent Family: Unknown Davis - Unknown Unknown
Married: Edward Allerton - Rose Davis
Date: 14-Feb-1578/79 [AF] Place: St. Dionis, Backchurch, England [AF]
Child 1:
Sarah Allerton [AF] (AFN: HQ6Q-G3)
Born: 1588 [AF] Place: N Andrew Par, U, England [AF]
Died: 1633 [AF] Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, England [AF]
Families: John Vincent - Sarah Allerton


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