Ludwig Klug

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The Family of Ludwig Klug and Anna Probst.
Back: George, Beth, Rose, Joe, Susie.
Front: Tillie (Thakla), Ludwig, Frances, Anne Marie, Herman

Down Memory Lane

A glimpse of the past courtesy of the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery.

Ludwig Klug came to Canada in 1902 and filed a homestead three miles northeast of Humboldt (Manitoba). He had been a blacksmith in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and also in St. Lucas, Iowa, before deciding to try homesteading.

In the spring of 1903, he moved to the Humboldt area with his wife, Anne Proptz (Probst), and six children, George, Susie, Joseph, Elizabeth, Rose and Tillie. Two more children, Herman and Frances, were born on the homestead at Humboldt.

Mr.Klug and his son walked to Kamsack and he was hired on with the Great Northern Railway on a construction crew as a blacksmith. His son was hired as a cook's helper.

In 1909, the Klug family moved into Humboldt where Ludwig opened one of the first blacksmith shops in town located at 11th Street and Railway Avenue. He later relocated to Main Street and 4th Avenue. Their residence was located behind the blacksmith shop. George, Ludwig's son, took over the Klug homestead when the rest of the family moved into Humboldt.

Ludwig continued to work on the railway until 1919, and continued blacksmithing until his death in 1954.

Source: Best of Humboldt.

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