Indenture between
Samuel Buchanan
Sadie (Sarah) Buchanan

2nd June 1924


Transcribed from photocopy of original February 16, 1999. Indenture No. 50 on p.818-819.

No. 50

Dated 2nd June AD 1924
Samuel Buchanan
Sarah Buchanan
Registered 23rd Jan AD 1925
at 10 50 oclock A.M. on Endorsed

F. Koughan

This Indenture made the Second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and Twenty-four. In pursuance of the Act Respecting Short forms of Indenture Between Samuel Buchanan of Stanchel formerly Rose Valley, Township Number Sixty-seven, Queens County Province of Price Edward Island, Master Mariner (herein after called the Grantor) and of the one part, and Sarah Buchanan (Daughter of the Grantor) of Stanchel, Township County and Province of the said Spinster (herein after called the Grantee) of the other part. Witnesseth that in consideration of One Dollar of lawful money of Canada now paid by the Grantee to the Grantor The Receipt whereof is hereby by him acknowledged He the said Grantor Samuel Buchanan Doth grant unto the Grantee Her hiers and assigned forever, all and singular the lands following that is to say: All that parcel of land situate lying and being in Stanchel formerly Rose Valley in the Township of Number Sixty-seven in Queens County and in the province of Prince Edward Island Bounded and described as follows, That is to say. That is to say: Commencing at a square post fixed in the South west angle of land owned by the late Angus Nicholson on the Northside of the Anderson Road and re?ing from Thence North Twelve chains and Fifty-five links to land formerly owned by Murdock Lamont thence South Seventy Two degrees West to the Anderson Road Seven chains and Fifty links Thence South Easterly along said Anderson Road to place of commenciment containing five acres of land a little more or less being land conveyed by Charles Stuart to Grantor by Deed Dated September Nineteenth Eighteen hundred and ninety-one To hold the same unto and to the use of the Grantee his hiers and assigns forever The said Grantor covenant with the said Grantee That he has The right to convey The said lands to the said Grantee not withstanding and act of The said Grantor And That The said Grantee shall have given possession of the said lands free from all incumbrances And The said Grantee covenant with the said Grantee That he will execute such further assurances of The said lands as may be acquisite And the said Grantorr covenant with the said Grantee that he has done no act to incumber the said lands and the said Grantor releases to the said Grantee all his claims upon the said lands :-

In Witness whereof the said parties have hereto set their hands and seals Signed Sealed and Delivered

Malcolm Stewart Samuel Buchanan

$1.00 Received on the day of the date of this Indinture from the said Grantee the sum of one Dollar ??? in full the consideration money Therein mentioned.

Witness :- Malcolm Stewart Samuel Buchanan.

On the 2nd day of June AD 1924 personally appeared before me Samual Buchanan of Stanchel in Queens County and acknowledged that he did freely and voluntarily execute the within deed or writing to and for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. Malcolm Stewart.

Commissioner for Taking acknowledgments of Deeds.


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