Letter to H.F. Laurence - Aug 12th, 1932

P.O. Box 1565
New Glasgow, N.S.

Aug. 12th, 1932

H. F. Laurence
c/o Dept of Highways
Halifax, N.S.

Dear Laurence,

Enclosed find copy of a list of family of your grandfather (my great grandfather) Geo. Craig Laurence. This list is copied from a letter to me by Geo. D. McLeod of Strathlorne dated Nov. 6, 1926. He says "I never could find grandfather Laurence's Family Register".

My mother tells me that her mother Euphemia Laurence McLeod was 13 years old when she came to this country, and as she was born Aug. 5th, 1820, this means that about 1833 would be the date of arrival here: I myself have often heard grandmother speak of Melrose & the Tweed.

On Page 18 of J.H. MacDouglases history of Inverness Co. there is a notation re the Sheriff & his family.

Yours very Truly
G. Diuardface?

George C. Laurence marries Helen Turnbull

Children Spouse
Euphemia Todd Isaac McLeod
Elizabeth David Smith
Eliza (Not married.)
Jemina N.C. McKeen
Samuel Mrs. Henry Taylor
Walter Hattie A. DeWolf
James Selina? Thompson
William Smith
George C. Jr. Sarah Hadley
David (Not married.)
Henry Susan Flemming
Frederick A. Isabel Flemming

8 Sons and 4 Daughters.

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